Road Freight

Forwarder provides and secures transportation for international and domestic truck transport. Truck transport is carried out in the form of complex consignments and in the form of top-up loads, which provide tarpaulin and box trailers, refrigerated sets, solo vehicles, also supplies, muldas, dumpers as well as tanks for transport of all kinds of goods. Our main goal in transportation is the safety and reliability of the transport of goods and materials, and in particular their delivery.

International truck transport

Since the beginning of our business, we have been providing freight transport of goods across the entire spectrum, so we are able to provide you with the procurement of transporting small loads weighing several kilograms while transporting oversized loads of tens of tons. Modern premises and our professional team are ready to ensure that clients requirements will be met. We have modern technology and reliable tracking of freight shipments, our client always knows where his goods are located.

We most often carry truck transport of goods and materials between Slovakia and the EU and its individual countries. During our long-term activity, we have established cooperation with several domestic and foreign companies that are willing to provide references about us. An experienced team of drivers has to cope with every situation, whether overcoming mountain massifs or overcoming the obstacles that everyday journeys themselves bring. All your freight requirements can be handled by a team of forwarders ready to convey shipments through proven suppliers.

Guarantees and Benefits of Road Transport Forwarder

  • individual approach to each customer
  • insurance of goods under CMR,
  • possibility of permanent information about the movement of goods on demand
  • satisfaction from ethical behavior and favorable prices.

Shipping Services from Forwarder

  • deliveries up to 1.5 t,
  • vehicles with a load capacity up to 3.5 t (25 m³ - 50 m³)
  • solos with a load capacity up to 5.5 t (40 m³ - 60 m³)
  • kits with a load capacity up to 24 t (60 m³ - 120 m³)
  • semi-trailers with load capacity up to 24 t (80 m³ - 100 m³)
  • box and tarpaulin vehicles
  • transport of oversized loads
  • transport of refrigerated and frozen loads
  • ADR transport.

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