Rail Freight

Rail transport is a highly organized kind of transport that allows goods to be transported efficiently and ecologically. Thanks to our location on the so-called Chinese silk road we can easily and quickly transport goods from Slovakia to East Asia. The main advantages of rail transport include the large storage capacity and the fact that transport can be carried out during day and night. Rail transport is beneficial for long-distance transport, whether in Europe or beyond. It is an ecological and economic alternative to road and other means of transport.

Forwarder provides transhipment operations on the Slovak-Ukrainian border from wide-gauge wagons (1520 mm) to standard gauge wagons (1435 mm) and vice versa. We also specialize in the transportation of safe and hazardous chemical goods in tanks.

Why choose rail transport?

  • Railway companies offer you a large number of freight wagons to rent depending on the type of your goods.
  • We offer accurate monitoring of train traffic.
  • High transport speed over longer distances.
  • Allows the transport of temperature-sensitive goods using temperature-controlled containers.
  • Experienced workers at railway terminals.
  • The weather does not cause any problems (no undisturbed trips or deferred departure due to bad weather).
  • Top organization (trains have specified departures, routes, etc.).

Contact us today and we will assist you with the transportation of goods by train. We provide and give discounts for our clients with railway companies on a particular transport.

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