Sea Freight

Forwarder, as a shipping service provider, will deliver your shipments professionally and quickly through every freight port.

While shipping may be the slowest kind of transport, but if you don't care so much about time, the ship is your win. Also, some types of shipments are not suitable for transport by plane eg. because of their size or weight. Shipping is an economical and environmentally friendly transport of any quantity of goods. For example, inland vessels have a load capacity comparable to hundreds of trucks, saving transport costs, reducing emissions and relieving roads. Shipping can deliver one tonne of cargo almost four times farther than a truck with the same energy consumption.

Container shipping

We can arrange transportation to any cargo seaport. Forwarder provides 20 ft (capacity 33.2 Cu.m, 26,000 kg) and 40ft (capacity 67.7 Cu.m, 26,000 kg) containers, 40 HC if necessary (capacity 76.4 Cu.m, 26 000 g). Weighing and capacity limits are in line with EU legislation and guidelines. It does not matter whether you need to transport the entire shipping container or cargo that occupies part of the shipping container.

We will be happy to answer your questions about ports, types of cargo, duration of travel to your destination or accompanying costs. Book your boat today.

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