Air Freight

At times when short delivery dates are pushing on companies, you need to reach out for the fastest shipping option to deliver the goods on time. We at Forwarder understand this and so we are ready to respond to your requests quickly, strategically and economically. For us it is no problem to arrange delivery of your shipment anywhere in the world. In addition, air transport is the safest of all modes of transport.

Benefits of Air Transport

Air transport is the fastest and most reliable way to transport your goods. In addition to reducing the cost of storing your products, air transport speeds up their distribution. Air travel saves time and money.

We can arrange the transport of parcels, containers and palletized shipments. For more information, please contact us. The cost of air transport is individual, based on criteria such as destination, dimensions and weight of shipment, delivery time and other delivery terms.

We are ready to answer your questions and resolve any complications throughout the shipping cycle. We will advise you on the necessary documents for transport, advise on the insured items and the like.

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