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The Transportation Division is dedicated to ensuring international and domestic shipments of goods and packages worldwide. Standard orders are accepted from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm, but order acceptance is also possible via hot-line dispatchers' service outside working hours.

Forwarder transport services
operate in a demanding business environment and our transport company demonstrates high operability and knowledge of the transport market. We can handle the increase in transport volumes, respond flexibly to price movements, demonstrate professional knowledge of the specificities of contracts and business conditions in individual transport relations.

A team of skilled workers with years of experience in the field of transport services with the ability to communicate in world languages ​​uses all available methods of communication and specialization - a specific worker - a particular transport service from loading to unloading of goods.

Our forwarding company procures about 2,500 orders for transportation annually. About 60% of these inquiries are made up of domestic transport within Slovakia. In addition to safe palletized goods, of course, we also provide the transport of dangerous goods ADR. We provide transport services according to the time of notification.

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