Ways to reduce pollution with green transport

Author: FORWARDER | Date: 27.05.2019

Transport has a great impact on the environment. Of the total carbon dioxide emissions, 75% are road transport vehicles and this number is exponentially growing. Also, 95% of road transport consumes oil, resulting in about 60% of total oil consumption in the world. All this puts the government under strong pressure to come up with transport solutions to reduce fuel pollution and demand.

Reducing environmental pollution

Although road transport, which is a major contributor to a polluted environment, steps should be taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and achieve a sustainable atmosphere. This corresponds to green transport, which includes environmentally friendly transport practices that do not adversely affect the environment.

Reducing delivery

Reducing supplies helps reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Trucks can combine smaller loads into one to reduce shipments.

Use of public transport

Public transport vehicles can carry a large number of people in one vehicle. In addition, they are cheap and easily accessible. As public transport is supported by the government, hopefully appropriate environmental transport measures will be taken.

Walk or use bicycles

Consider walking or cycling to nearby cities, such as a school, shopping center, or work. This does not create any greenhouse gas and is completely safe for the environment. Moreover, it is beneficial to health.

Use of biodiesel and electricity to power logistics vehicles

As logistics vehicles and supply chain vehicles are also environmental pollution, eco-fuel and electricity can be a good way to preserve the environment.

Advantage of multi-passenger vehicles

It is more economical and greener when four people who would otherwise use each of their own vehicles to travel to the same location will use one vehicle. As can be seen from this scenario, greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced to 1/4.

Vehicle aerodynamics adjustment

The vehicle's structure and bodywork also affect fuel consumption. The refinement of the vehicle body will consume less fuel and thus less emissions.

Other benefits of green transport

In addition to protecting the environment and reducing pollution, green transport can help you get more benefits:

Save money

When you opt for green transport, you save money in several ways. For example, walking and cycling do not cause any or low maintenance costs and public vehicles are much cheaper.

Live a healthier life

Walking and cycling gives you a good workout for your heart. In addition, reducing pollution will reduce the harmful effects on the respiratory system. Overall, it will lead to a better and healthier lifestyle.

Increasing economic development

The expansion of public transport infrastructure and the production of green vehicles will create employment opportunities that will contribute to the country's economic growth.

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