Trends in transport for 2019

Author: FORWARDER | Date: 27.05.2019

Change is one of the most stunning things to be careful about when planning your business, career, or future investments. It is now clear that 2019 will by no means be an exception to this rule. Not surprisingly, some of the driving trends that drive drivers will also be those that pose new challenges and opportunities for an important industry such as commercial transportation. In this article we offer you 5 traffic trends for 2019.

Interdependence in industry

Many people struggle with the challenges posed by the current lack of drivers, which increases operating costs each year. With all the hard work you have done and the time it takes to work with the best dealers for your business, it is possible that there are several other benefits based on these relationships in the industry. Many industry experts have valuable industry experience to advise you. You can also understand that you wouldn't get anywhere yourself.

Finding ways to increase efficiency

Although many aspects are constantly changing in the transport industry, there are still old trends that remain relevant and represent consistent challenges for transport companies. One such trend is the need to be as compact as possible with deliveries, combine these shipments where possible and find cost-effective technology to increase efficiency. The obvious solution is to use GPS technology and other intelligent technologies to help you organize your vehicles and find out where they are at any time.

Meeting government regulations and laws

You can rest assured that your company will constantly require you to keep up to date with the latest laws and regulations that are being introduced, changed or removed by any combination of local or state authorities. Regardless of whether they are related to sleep apnea, e-journal usage, overtime laws, or simply business and security tracking methods, these truck trends are still and still important.

Self-propelled vehicles and automation

It's something we could just laugh about ten years ago, but now more than ever, we are hit by the reality of automated vehicles being deployed on public roads. Companies like Tesla, Google, Uber and even Amazon are experimenting with the prospect of robotic trucks. It is clear that there is money behind this great dream (or nightmare). While these vehicles have the potential to make things much safer for current drivers and pedestrians, the disadvantage is probably the loss of jobs for trucks.

Lack of drivers

Finally, the trend that simply does not disappear is the lack of drivers. From now on until 2020, the industry will find it difficult to find good candidates to fill current positions and future employees to replace retired drivers. It may be a complex act, because you are trying to serve two very different groups of people and yet may come up with some basic factors. People want to get the reward they deserve, to balance work and personal life, and to know that society takes their interests into account. Nevertheless, part of the difficulty in maintaining a strong labor force in the transport sector is to overcome the fact that many candidates are unskilled and there is a great need for quality trucks on a daily basis.

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