Greening and technological innovation at the TRANSPORT 2019 conference

Author: Forwarder | Date: 05.09.2019

The main topics of this year's TRANSPORT 2019 conference, which took place in Bratislava, are greening and technological innovations as a competitive advantage in road transport. The latest trends in this area are domestic and foreign participants. 

The conference also focuses on clean mobility strategies, decarbonising transport routes, reducing CO2 emissions. As well as innovations in road freight and passenger transport or alternatives in powertrains and fuels.

Representatives of the European Commission and the IRU

Among the conference participants are, for example, the European Commission representative Artur Runge-Metzger, responsible for the climate strategy, management and emissions from the non-trading sectors, or the head of the Permanent Representation of the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in Brussels Matthias Maedge. of the Slovak Republic Ladislava Cengelová.

The professional guarantors of the TRANSPORT 2019 conference are ČESMAD Slovakia and the Association of Bus Transport, organized by Mafra Slovakia, a. with. at conferences of Hospodárske noviny daily.

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