Are electric aircrafts the solution for the future of air transport?

Author: Forwarder | Date: 18.12.2019

At the Air Show in Israel, a purely electric 9-seat aircraft from the Eviation startup was recently introduced and Airbus and partners introduced a model of a hybrid aircaft with fuel tank and battery called EcoPulse.

The EcoPulse engine will drive a propeller and generator that allows the battery to recharge just as it does in hybrid cars. They say that such an aircraft model can save 20-40% of fuel on flights of several hundred kilometers.

While the Airbus model is still on paper, Alice's Eviation aircraft is available for inspection at Le Bourget Airport in Paris. Eviation would like to conduct their first test flight early next year and receive certification from the United States by 2022.

What is the flight distance on a single charge?

Alice can fly 1000 kilometers at 3 kilometers at 500 km/h. The American company Cape Air was so impressed with these specifications that they had already ordered an unspecified double-digit number of aircraft of this model during the show and paid a total of $ 4 million for them.

Even the competition is not lagging behind

Rolls Royce, a manufacturer of aircraft engines, has purchased Siemens' electrical aviation division, which is also the engine supplier for the Alice model.

Swiss bank UBS predicts green aviation value at $ 178 billion by 2040 as electrification becomes a part of the aviation industry.

Airbus is also exploring hybrid propulsion capabilities in the next generation of aircraft, but the technology is not yet advanced enough to compete with the 200-seater A320.

The future will be varied, so we at Forwarder are looking forward to what it will bring. We follow modern transport trends so that we can include them in our carrier portfolio as soon as possible.

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